Sugarbush Farm

Our Products


Free Range Eggs- $3.50/dozen

Pastured, Heritage breed chicken(Whole birds only)-  $4.75/lb

Pastured Berkshire Pork-nitrate free, finished on apples, beets, carrots, and winter squash for

                                      tender, sweet cuts!

     Sausages(Breakfast/Hot Italian/Mild Italian)bulk- $8.00/lb   link $9.50/lb

     Ground Pork- $7.00/lb

     Bacon(nitrate free smoking)- $12.50/lb

     Chops( center cut 1 1/2 in.) and Shoulder Steaks 1in and 1 1/2 in thick- $8.50/lb

     Ham Steaks(nitrate free smoking)- $9.75/lb

     Fresh Ham Steaks(unsmoked 1in thick, bone-in)- $8/lb

     Loin and Rib Roasts- $8.00/lb

     Sirloin and Butt Roast- $8.00/lb

     Canadian Bacon(nitrate free smoking)- $14.00/lb

     Babyback Ribs- $8.50/lb

     Country Style ribs- $8.50/lb

     Spareribs- 7.50/lb

     Tenderloin- $13.00/lb

     Smoked Hocks and Feet- $5/lb

     Liver/Heart/Tongue- $4/lb

 Pastured Pork in Bulk

     Whole Hog- $3.25/lb hanging weight

     Half Hog- $3.50/lb hanging weight


Grass fed Black Angus

Ground beef- $8/lb

T-bone $8/lb

Filet mignon $20/lb

NY Strip $16/lb

Tenderloin $20/lb

Roasts $10/lb

Brisket $10/lb

Kabobs $6.50/lb

Stew Meat $6/lb


            CSA 2013-2014

AUG-DEC-$80/month half due as deposit

5-6lbs Angus grass fed beef

2 Free Range  Heritage Breed Chickens

1 dozen eggs

JAN 2014-JUNE 2014 - $55/month half due as deposit

3-4 lbs Berkshire Pastured Pork

3-4 lbs Black Angus grass fed beef

1dozen free range eggs

*Half and double shares available