Sugarbush Farm

Who we are and why we do what we do......

In 2006, my husband and I moved back to the Adirondacks after a brief time in Arizona.In just two short months our hearts had ached for the beauty of the mountains and the comfort of our families. Our dream of a life structured after the homesteader of past fueled us as we bagan to carve our farm out of the Adirondack wilderness. Just five short years and four children later, we are increasingly excited by our ability to bring the wholesome goodness of pastured meat and eggs to an ever growing customer base. Our animals are treated with dignity and respect and given the highest quality life possible while they are with us. Our products are organically grown and never contain pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. We strive to give people a glimpse of the past when food actually tasted good and still held the health benefits and nutritional qualities that fortify the body, fight cancer and degenerative disease and lead to overall good health.


The Berks

Here on the farm we raised heritage breed hogs and take great pride in our Berkshire meat. This breed of hog produces hands down the finest quality meat. Berkshire or Kurobuta Pork is the most highly prized pork in Japan and is making waves in America by winning taste tests across the country. We cross our Berks with other heritage breeds (Old Spot and Tamworth) for a hybrid vigor that allows us to keep our prices at a marketable level. We offer Purebred Berkshire meat as well for the connisiour. This meat is superb, but priced higher due to the longer growing times of the hogs and smaller litters that purebred sows produce.

All of our hogs are raised on pasture and are happier and healthier for it. They know what it is to wallow in the mud and root in the dirt. They thrive on the grass provided, roam acres, and produce delicious pork that is flavorful, tender and much higher in Omega-3's.

The Freedom Rangers

In a nation where chicken is touted as the healthiest choice, we were increasingly frustrated by the blandness of store bought poultry. After further study we discovered that structured breeding had created a "super bird" capable of growing to butcher weight in only 8 weeks. The compromise in our opinion was taste and texture. Further information has been noted on various television programs regarding the butcher process, feed of the birds and the overuse of antibiotics that made us cringe. After a frustrating trial of the "super bird" variety we began our search for a bird that we could take pride in. It was very exciting for us to introduce the Freedom Rangers, a french heritage breed chicken that had all of the chicken instincts intact. This means these birds are truly on pasture and the result is tender, juicy meat that is far healthier for you than anything you would buy in the store.Poultry raised on open grass, instead of in over-crowded lots, are high in beneficial fats and other factors that lower cholesterol and greatly reduce the degenerative disease in the consumer! We use no antibiotics in our birds and no arsenic. When processed we allow no use of bleach on the meat. Our chickens chase butterflies, dust bathe regularly, and live as happy a life as any chicken can.

The Hens

No farm is complete without a few hens pecking around, but when we reached the 100 mark we knew that true free range eggs were in high demand. Our girls and a mix of Leghorne, Red Star and Black Star with a couple of roosters that we had to have because I far favor nature's alarm clock over the ear splitting BEEP! BEEP!

Our eggs are lower in saturated fat, higher in Omega-3's and of course have never sat in a refrigerator the month that most eggs in the store have. They are also quite often fertilized which raises the protein levels significantly.

The girls spend their days doing as the Freedom Rangers, but they also get chased by our roosters(and occasionally our dogs) and make considerably more racket as they brag about their eggs. We don't blame them though....we brag a bit about the eggs too!

Our Little Toto dogs

In 2000, I met and fell in love with a little blond Cairn puppy. What followed was a love affair with this breed of spirited "Big Dogs in Little Dogs bodies". My girls run the farm and our 15 acres with the speed of Greyhounds, the nose of Beagles, and the heart of Labrodors. They go horsebackriding with me and as previously stated give the occasional chicken a start. At the end of the day they curl up in my lap. They are great with kids and small enough to play quite well with our cats. We have four breeding females, Sadie, Dixie, Winnie, and Maggie, and a stud, Rush, on the preferred sires list with AKC.

My puppies are all AKC registered and come with a health guarantee. We strive to have two litter a year and give the girls some time off in between to recoup and rest. I take a waiting list of names and deposits when the pups are born.